Project Description

  • Product:
  • High Temperature Resistant PVC Automotive Wire Harness Tape
  • Type:
  • Fiber Insulating Tape Series
  • Characteristic:
  • Produced with high-quality plasticizer PVC film and high-performance pressure-sensitive adhesive, with good insulation, high temperature resistance and other characteristics.
  • Application:
  • Used for the wiring and wrapping of automotive wiring harness.
  • Technology Data:
  • Property Unit Typical Values
    Thickness mm 0.12
    Tensile Strength N/cm 19
    Elongation % 150
    Temperature Resistant Grade 105
    Stability of Electric Strength kV ≥3
    180º Steel Panel Peel Strength N/cm 1.3
    Flame Rating B(VW60360)
    Remark:The upwards data on this catalogue is typical values,only for reference,the actual product data is according to the actual test result.